New to Conway? These tips can help your home search

East to West = Old to New

If you start on Locust Street at the edge of town and head west, as a rule, the homes get newer.

“Old Conway” is bound by Locust Street on the east and Donaghey Avenue on the west. It includes a variety of architectural styles representing the 1910s to the mid-century. It’s adjacent to downtown and close to all three colleges. It’s also conveniently close to all of the shopping and dining options along Interstate 40.

Old Conway

“Midtown” is approximately bound by Donaghey Avenue on the east and Country Club on the west. The Bainbridge, Oak Forest, Tucker Creek, Parkwood, and Smoking Oaks subdivisions all offer traditional home styles from the 1970s and 80s. Other subdivisions like Windcrest, Scherman Heights, and Adamsbrooke are mingled in and were developed in the 1990s. The commercial development along Prince Street and Salem Road offer instant access to everyday conveniences.

“West Conway” has dozens of subdivisions with homes ranging in price from the mid-100s to over one million dollars. Subdivisions like Centennial, Sunderlin Park, Westin Park, St. John’s, Chapel Creek, and many more are all in west Conway. West Conway is the most purely residential part of town, but there are some commercial options along Hogan Road.

Look south for a convenient commute

In 2017, a new interstate exit will open just south of Conway. This means an easier commute for those residents who travel back and forth into Little Rock. The Cresthaven, Richland Hills, Southwind, Catherine Place, and other subdivisions south of Dave Ward Drive may all want to start taking advantage of a three-mile “head start” on their morning drive.

Don’t shop elementary schools

If you’ve got school-aged children, where they go to school is a big deal. But in Conway, it’s almost impossible to pick an elementary school you won’t be happy with. Over the last 10 years, six out of our nine elementary schools have spent time at the top of our academic rankings. Benchmark exams, state-assigned letter grades, Blue Ribbon achievement awards – the recognition has been spread around. Changing district lines and overall district health make picking the “best” elementary school a fool’s errand. Pick the house you love and know there is a great school just around the corner.

These tips hopefully will let you start orienting yourself to the Conway house hunt. There are so many other great places to live beyond what’s mentioned here. Search the membership directory at to find a real estate agent to help you make a home in Conway.