Sissy’s Log Cabin celebrates 50 Years, calls Conway home [North Metro Business Journal]

If you have lived in Central Arkansas for any length of time, you’ve likely heard Sissy Jones’s catchy tagline: Life’s too short for ordinary jewelry. But, for the Jones family, the story of Sissy’s Log Cabin is much larger than a simple phrase. 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Sissy’s Log Cabin, and the story of this generational family business is far from over. 

It all started with a little dilapidated log cabin. With no air conditioning or restroom, Sissy Jones started her small antique furniture shop down in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, after her business grew too large for her home. She drove past the log cabin on the side of the highway, felt drawn to the building and the rest is history. Since that day, her determination and dedication to the people she serves has fostered five locations, and now three generations of Joneses are contributing to the legacy. 

When it came to choosing the location of the newest store, Conway “just made sense.” Bill Jones, Sissy’s son and CEO of the business, had been watching the Conway area for a while. Other cities in Northwest Arkansas and Tennessee were on the table as possible options, but Conway was the obvious winner. Conway was unique in the fact that it had a small-town feel in a city of more than 65,000 people. Being from Pine Bluff, a place like this stood out as ideal for the Jones family. 

Even though it serves as the retail epicenter for more than 400,000 people, Conway residents value small businesses. Bill knew Sissy’s would be in good company among growing businesses in the close-knit community. 

“Conway is the perfect place for our fifth location,” Bill said. “This thriving community has already welcomed us so warmly, and we are honored to become part of their family and make Conway a part of ours.” 

Sissy’s was built on a foundation of quality jewelry and quality customer service. This level of customer care in the store is even known as “The Sissy’s Experience.” Expect personal attention and detailed service as soon as you enter the doors. 

Left to right: William Jones (Sissy’s Log Cabin VP of Operations) and J.R. (Sissy’s Log Cabin Conway Store Manager)

Left to right: William Jones (Sissy’s Log Cabin VP of Operations) and J.R. (Sissy’s Log Cabin Conway Store Manager)

Conway is so important to the family, that William Jones, Bill and Sharri’s eldest son, is part of the team running the new store. He works alongside Jason “J.R.” Richard, the Conway store manager, who has been part of the Sissy’s family for nearly ten years and knows the importance of really understanding each guest. William attended the University of Central Arkansas where he met his wife, Dawn, while she was also a student there. Conway is a special place for them both and William counts it a joy to be back in Conway and investing in a community he’s loved for so long. 

“I’m so glad to be back in Conway and looking forward to getting connected to this community in a new way,” William said. “Whether you have never visited a Sissy’s Log Cabin location, or you’re a longtime customer of ours, come see us and experience the difference.” 

The Jones family is dedicated to the community in everyday life outside of the cabin doors, too. Decades later, Sissy never forgot the lessons her mother taught her about philanthropy on a local level, which helped her to see her business and her customers in a new light. Sissy believes, “If you’re living in a town and you don’t help that town, how can you expect the townspeople to help you?” 

The team at Sissy’s was quick to begin their involvement in the Conway community. Already, the Conway Symphony Orchestra, Conway Regional Health Foundation, Children’s Advocacy Alliance and St. Joseph’s School have been impacted by the generosity of the family business. Sissy’s recently partnered with the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce at its Illuminate event during the holidays, reminding every attendee of the importance of making family memories. 

The Jones family is eager to continue its legacy here in Conway. Giving back is just part of their DNA. 

“You have two hands,” Sissy says. “One to receive and one to give.” 

Besides serving her community, Sissy believes raising a family is one of her greatest accomplishments. There are three generations of Joneses serving at Sissy’s now, and Sissy herself is still very much involved in creating one-of-a-kind experiences for each person who walks in the cabin doors. Bill Jones and his wife Sharri are the everyday managers of the business and work together to make the details and the big picture come to life. They have been married for more than thirty years and are now joined in the business by their two sons, William and Wyatt. William serves as VP of Operations and Wyatt is learning the family business in the Little Rock store. William now has two young sons of his own with his wife, Dawn. The Jones family is growing just like their business! 

As we celebrate 50 golden years of Sissy’s Log Cabin, the growth of the company indicates that the future is just as bright as the past. Conway is a special addition to the business, and yet it’s not the last. The family has plans to continue to grow the business and maintain its standing as the premiere diamond and bridal jewelry store in the mid-South. Welcome to Conway, Sissy’s Log Cabin!

This article originally appeared in the January 2020 issue of the North Metro Business Journal.